What have we been up to?

So what exactly have we been up to?

  • If you haven't noticed, our renovation is complete! By the grace of God, we now have two accessible washrooms, an elevator and a new welcoming foyer for tea, coffee and snacks. 
  • Our Vitality Team implemented a new covenant that is meant to help us relate to each other graciously during members' meetings and everyday life.
  • Over a dozen of our women attended the TGC Women's Conference in Indianapolis last month.
  • We had a good time hosting the BBQ grill and bouncy castle at the Annual 11th St Street Party in June. Thanks to everyone who contributed! 
  • Last weekend, we finished off our biggest summer outreach events: Vacation Bible School, 50km Bike Ride and our Annual Community BBQ. We were glad to make new friends in our neighbourhood.
  • We're grateful to have been invited by LAMP Community Health Centre to help out with their Coin St Community BBQ yesterday afternoon. Thanks for having us!
  • Our basketball training academy has started up again, catering to the young basketball community in Etobicoke and the GTA. 
  • Our senior pastor, RJ, and his family are enjoying their vacation for the next few weeks. We're thankful to have had Pastor Ken Davis, one of the leaders at Liebenzell Mission, with us this morning, sharing the message of Psalm 11. Next week, we'll have Darryl Dash from Liberty Grace with us — who, by the way, has recently written a book on practical growth in the Christian life. The following week, we'll welcome back one of our elders, Bro. Melvin Gilpo, who currently serves at Royal York Baptist Church.


What's next?

  • When Pastor RJ returns, we'll continue our new sermon series titled "Dreaming of a Church". It covers the 10 Healthy Missional markers of a church that pursues Christ and his priorities in the world.
  • We are holding an Empowered Workshop on August 21st, following a curriculum that excites and equips ordinary Christians to share Christ in everyday life.
  • Our Vitality Team continues to meet every month as they follow the Congregational Vitality Pathway and prepare the congregation for the EPIC workshop in the Fall.
  • Each of our ministries are evolving and looking to get more members involved for the upcoming year.
  • We look forward to hosting Singspiration, our interchurch fellowship with Scarborough Baptist Church, Forward Baptist Church, Thistletown Baptist Church, Christie St Baptist Church, Mt Pleasant Rd Baptist Church and Liberty Grace, this Fall.
  • We look forward to celebrating our church's 20th anniversary this Thanksgiving. Here's a look back at our church's history.


Whew! That's a whole lot of information. God has been faithful in providing us opportunities to engage with the community, and we look forward to trusting him to open more doors to share the gospel. Keep checking back here, on our Facebook page or our Google calendar for more updates and current events.