Our Story

This is a brief video about our church story.

Our Purpose

We call ourselves Living Hope because we are all about leading people to hope in Jesus Christ. Drawn from different walks of life, we are a community bound together by God’s grace and his Spirit. Through faith in Jesus, we’ve been reconciled to God and rescued from sin’s misery, guilt and shame. This is the “living hope” we proclaim. It is a hope guaranteed by the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

It is our mission to bring everyone from our community together to better know Jesus. We understand that our calling is a difficult one and that most people may be frightened by it; however, we feel that we are called by a higher power. Just as it reads in Joshua 1:9 we should not be dismayed for the Lord our God is with us whever we go. It is quite simply this: go out, preach the gospel, love the broken, extend grace, and show the love of Jesus Christ.