Living Hope Baptist Church

Living Hope Baptist Church exists to lead people to hope in Jesus

We are a community of born-again believers dedicated to exalting Christ. We believe in the faithful study and exposition of God’s Word. We want to bring glory to God by proclaiming his goodness through our words and actions. We are committed to growing in the knowledge and love of God. This is done through faithful biblical instruction and caring fellowship so we can become better witnesses wherever we are. We are also committed to Christ-centered, gospel-filled worship and preaching. Our desire is for people to know God's grace.

Our mission and values

As we lead people to hope in Jesus, we seek to become...

... a church that exalts God, edify and equip believers and evangelize the world through the power of Jesus Christ;


... a church that's defined by our commitment to the gospel. This is evident through faithful biblical exposition of God's Word, genuine care and fellowship, and wholehearted worship;


... a church that grows in the knowledge of God and is passionate about living out the gospel for God's glory;


... a multicultural church across different generations, known for our unity and love;


... a church that has a lasting impact on the Lakeshore area through intentional evangelism;


... a church that plants other churches.

Meet our leaders

We believe in a plurality of elders as the model set in the New Testament, so we have two elders who serve alongside our lead pastor.

Our Lead Pastor


Sam Aragones

Sam was born in the Philippines and came to Canada when he was 10. He went to the University of Alberta where he studied Biology. It was there that he met Jesus and sensed a call to share Christ with others.

He met his future wife, Colette, while they were in training to work with a campus ministry devoted to outreach and discipleship. Later, Sam ministered for 23 years as a Pastor of Local and Global Outreach at Rexdale Alliance Church and then as a Lead Pastor with the first Village Church site in Toronto. Sam is looking forward to all that the Lord is going to do at Living Hope.

Sam and Colette are parents to 2 adult children, Elizabeth, and Samuel, who is married to Becca. They have a cat named Misty and love to laugh.

Our Elder


Melvin Gilpo

Melvin Gilpo is our longest-serving elder at LHBC. He's in charge of our Outreach ministry, having served with Emmanuel International in the Philippines, Ethiopia and Tanzania. That's how he met his wife, Pat, who was working as a missionary nurse in Tanzania. They have lived in Toronto since 1991 and have been blessed with two young adults.

Our Elder

Arnold Chiong

Born in the Philippines, Arnold Chiong has lived in Canada for 20 years and works as a Help Desk Analyst at St. Joseph’s Health Centre. He and his wife, Marivic, have six kids. Before becoming an elder in 2013, he served as a deacon from 2009-2011. His organizational acumen keeps our cell group ministry running and helps the elders keep things from falling through the cracks.

Board of Deacons

Chairman: Charles Victor

Vice Chairman: Steve Woomert


Edwin Arroz

Joshua Carles

Gil Garrovillo

Feras Jawdi

Finance Committee

Edwin Arroz

Alicia Frias

Nat Gilpo

Jenn Victor

Church Clerk

Dorothy Garrovillo


Julius Quintos


Outreach Committee

Melvin Gilpo

Feras Jawdi

Josie Balcita

Purita Garrovillo

Pat Gilpo

Tess Jawdi

Ivy Palattao


Worship Committee

Steve Woomert

Dorothy Garrovillo

Charles Victor


Christian Education Committee

Charles Victor

Marites Quintos

Ruth Vives

Fellowship Committee

Gil Garrovillo

Millie Feria


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